Tuesday, October 7, 2008


Although most servers are not used for high end graphics, there are still plenty of reason to incorporate a powerful processor. Intel appears to have the server
Market sewn up, and we advise you to stick to Intel microprocessor –based servers and shun those featuring an AMD or a Cyrix CPU.

Good servers start from the 45MHz Pentium ll, but it is prudent to go for one of the new Intel Xeon chips. With their increased external cache capabilities – up to a possible 2MB – and enhanced I/O performance, these newer chips are ideally place to gallop through your data.

If the server will need to execute processor –intensive applications while simultaneously handing file and printer sharing on a large network, you ought to consider a machine with SMP (symmetric multi-processing) capabilities to keep as much of the workload as possible away from the CPU. SMP allows a server to run more than one CPU ( up to four with NT4 and beyond this figure with the enterprise edition

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